Easy school fundraising ... without asking for a single penny!

Common Questions About Edvocator

Here are some commonly-asked questions. If you have a question about this easy fundraising program that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible.
Who can sign up for an Edvocator fundraising membership?
While Edvocator was designed primarily for elementary schools and school sports booster clubs, this easy fundrasing program works for any school that would like to raise money without asking for money.
What does it cost for schools to join?
This is a free program for any school or club to join--there is no cost for membership. Schools & clubs can start their easy fundraising program here.
How much can a school or club earn with Edvocator?
There is no limit to what can be earned. How much is earned depends on how many people make online purchases after clicking on a school's fundraising website. Schools earn cash (3 - 8% of the sale) for each sale generated when a supporter clicks links on their Edvocator-built website. Edvocator retains a small portion of this cash.
What does an Edvocator-created school or club website look like?
Edvocator tries to make the fundraising websites look fun and easy to use. You can view a demo fundraising site here or you can search for a school or club's fundraising website here. to get a first-hand look.
How does this program work?
You can read how this easy fundraiser works here.

Edvocator is easy as A > B > C:
  • Click on a school's fundraising site.
  • Buy what you normally buy.
  • Support the school--it gets cash from every purchase.