Easy school fundraising ... without asking for a single penny!

About Edvocator

Edvocator is a free school support service from 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC.

4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC's owner, Rick Forristall enjoyed volunteering in his grandchildren's classrooms in Gilbert and Queen Creek, Arizona. During his time volunteering he experienced how his grandchildren's teachers had to rely on the generosity of their student's parents and guardians to provide basic necessities for their classrooms. Rick's grandson also played football in his high school and Rick saw the need for an easy way for sports booster clubs to raise money.

4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC strives to create online services that help people for free. Rick got the idea to create a free online service that would help these schools by providing some needed funding support. Rick wanted to create a No-cost online service that was easy to use. Thus Edvocator was hatched.

How did Edvocator get its name? Rick wanted the online service to reflect how its users would be supporting their favorite educators. After searching for key words he thought about the word, "Advocate," which according to Dictionary.com is defined as, "a person who upholds or defends a cause; a supporter" (An Advocator is one who advocates). So, in Rick's case, he wanted to create a service where Education Advocates could provide support to their selected school. So, Rick spliced together both concepts -- Education Advocators -- to create a psuedo-word: Edvocator.
Edvocator is easy as A > B > C:
  • Click on a school's fundraising site.
  • Buy what you normally buy.
  • Support the school--it gets cash from every purchase.