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Edvocator partnering with EDvocator Demo Site

EDvocator Demo Site

A super special thanks for supporting us

Easy: just click > buy > support

When you shop at partner stores — We Earn $$$

Click on a logo or product, then shop as normal on the store or Amazon site.

How this works

When you click on a partner store or Amazon you will be taken to their website. Because you clicked on our fundraising website first, that partner store/Amazon will keep track that you came from our school site. Those sites offer a small percentage (average of 3-6%) cash back.

When you make a purchase on their site, Edvocator donates most of that cash back to EDvocator Demo Site. Nothing extra to buy — you just buy what you normally would. Just click on our fundraising website first.

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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our Edvocator provided website. While we whole heartedly appreciate your desire to support our school or club, we need to let you know about the terms for using this website.

We are not affiliated with any of the merchants or stores that have banners appearing on this site,

so are not liable for any problems you may encounter at these sites. Any problems with the selected merchant needs to be addressed with that merchant. We don't guarantee you will realize any savings by using these merchants. While most merchants normally offer savings and discounts for Edvocator partner sites, we ultimately can't guarantee any savings.